Gene Simmons Wife Creepy Backside Photo Revealed


Gene Simmons’ wife, the incomparable model Shannon Tweed recently finished her building her dream home. The KISS frontman took to social media via Twitter to reveal the news that his tantalizing and graceful significant other finished the job on a picturesque dwelling in Whistler, British Columbia. Gene Simmons took this brutal shot at Radiohead recently.

Although it is unclear if Gene himself had any input himself on the project, we would have loved to of seen the building of this property showcased on HGTV. Eat your hearts out Chip and Joanna Gaines! You can see a picture of this beautiful property, complete with Tweed looking out into the majestic wilderness below. Gene Simmons forgot the words onstage in this sad video not too long ago.

KISS declared made a major announcement within the history of the group by revealing the final KISS show will be played on July 17, 2021, in New York City. Fans of the group discussed this landmark news and speculating where “The Hottest Band In The Land” will be playing this historic concert in a recent topic.

Star_paul12 said: “Two years ago (hell, even one year ago) I wouldn’t have thought it remotely possible for KISS to fill up a stadium on their own in the states, even it was were to be the “last” show. But EOTR [End Of The Road] has exceeded my expectations and that, coupled with just how wildly dedicated the kiss fan base is, I certainly think it’s easily within the realm of possibility for the band to sell 42,000 for what is marketed as their final bow. I’m guessing that one of the reasons they’ve elected to announce this date so early—a year and a half before it is to occur—is to offer fans from around the globe time to save $$$ to make what many will consider a pilgrimage to the last Mecca. I could be wrong, but I’d say this early announcement has something to do with that.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed if she got implants the other day. The user continued: “They could easily sell out MSG for their final show. And as others have rightfully noted, it would be insanely expensive to attend. I think it’s very likely that we’ll get either 2-3 shows at the Garden or one big finale at Citi. As critical as I’ve been of EOTR, I’d likely attend the show at Citi. Seeing the band close shop at a stadium would be wonderful, and I can bet the house that the emotional energy of the crowd would be palpable, to say the least. If it is to be held at the garden though, I’ll likely sit out.”

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