Freddie Mercury ‘Refusing’ AIDS Protection Revealed


In a recent interview with Poz, Mark Langhorne, autobiographer of Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury discussed Mercury’s history with HIV and how he refused to slow down having multiple sexual partners when AIDS was at the forefront in the 1980s. Freddie Mercury allegedly getting AIDS on SNL was recently revealed.

Freddie Mercury was killed by AIDS with this famous singer. In talking to the outlet, Langhorne said: “At times, I read this section almost as if Freddie himself were a patient zero, with his countless sex partners and his refusal to slow down even once AIDS hit the scene. When asked whether he altered his behavior, Freddie responds, “Darling, fuck it, I’m doing everything with everybody.” What are we to make of this? Each of us makes our personal choices. What do you want to make of it? So many of us dealt with [the AIDS crisis] in different ways—after all, there was no template then. There was no right or wrong in this. It cannot be a moral judgment.”

Freddie Mercury rejected surprising men before his death.  Langhorne concluded: “Now we can make fully informed choices [about HIV risks], but that was not the case then. We clung on to how far we had come by the early ’80s socially, politically, sexually; and then suddenly, this thing called AIDS threatened to take it all away, and then it did.”

Freddie Mercury Club posted on Saturday, “Play the Game (Vocals). Blessing your ears (and eyes) with this…It took more time and work than I expected so I hope you enjoy 😍

Tuning out all the other sounds because his voice is so pure and beautiful and eargasmic on its own that it lets you experience heaven on earth…Freddie’s voice is music itself.

P.S. I love how you can also hear his breathing…that’s how raw and unedited this is…also makes you feel closer to him like he’s singing right in front of you and only for you.