KISS Singer Paul Stanley Young Lover Photo Revealed


KISS frontman Paul Stanley posted the following picture of his lovely younger wife Erin from their wedding. The happy couple was married back in 2005. Stanley stated via Twitter: “Fourteen Years Ago Today I married Erin and found my key to a life filled with gifts I never imagined. My love for her only grows deeper. Find that person you love and who loves you regardless of anyone else’s concept, intolerance or prejudice. Nothing is more meaningful.” Gene Simmons allegedly ‘erases’ ex-KISS members on shirt.

The KISS singer also encouraged fans to share their favorite significant other photos in a follow-up writing: “I Was Blown Away By Your Photos! SEND ME A PHOTO OF YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, BESTIE, HUSBAND, WIFE… The One You Love! I Want To See Them ALL!!!”

In other KISS news, fans of the group debated if the ‘hottest band in the land’ will continue to tour after their ‘hottest tour in the land’, the highly sought after, End of the Road tour.Paul Stanley’s son recently reveals if he hates Ace Frehley.

One user, named Hellabastard gave a creative idea on where the group can go after their highly publicized tour as they wrote: “I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a hologram version. If the singing/playing isn’t real in any case, then why not just go all out? By setting your own preferences, you could make Paul [Stanley] jump higher than anyone has ever jumped before and have a hairier chest than has ever been observed in the history of mammalian evolution.

The user concluded by saying: “Gene [Simmons] could drool an amount of blood surpassing the annual rainfall of the Amazonas without having Dizzy Gillespie-like blown-up cheeks. What’s not to like about that? I’m not being sarcastic, I really mean it. I’d prefer that to the vocal smoothing pedal and the roadkill helmet.Gene Simmons also just revealed why Paul Stanley ‘lost his voice.’