Pink Floyd Member ‘Threatened’ By Roger Waters


Pink Floyd co-founder and drummer Nick Mason was recently featured on the hit AXS TV show entitled ‘A Life on the Road. Here, Mason discusses talking about the tour for the Pink Floyd studio album ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ as well as getting legal threats from former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters after he left the band. Roger Waters recently revealed this massive ‘farewell’ tour.

“What actually happened was there was a risk of Roger injucting us, he said we couldn’t actually tour, so the promoters were not very keen to take the risk and sell tickets and find out the tour has been canceled. So David and I had to sort of guarantee the setup costs for the tour. So yes, I did hawk one of my cars. They were very gracious about it, they didn’t take it to the bank and lock it in the backroom or anything. I would have put my children in, but they wouldn’t take that.”

In other Pink Floyd related news, Pink Floyd subreddit member Outwinds shared his interpretation of what the group’s epic ‘The Wall’ means to them. Pink Floyd dropped this ‘Final Show’ bombshell news the other day.

The user stated: “It’s pretty much a narrative about a boy who grew up in a post-World War II Britain where everything thing was absolute ****. The three brick in the wall parts each represent a person in the boys life who ruined it. one is his mother, two is his teacher, and three is his wife which happens when he grows older. He becomes a rockstar that goes insane and treats his fans as fascist cult members to rape and attack innocent people as describes in run like hell and The Wall itself represents the mental wall he used to block out everybody from his life.”

The user concludes: “I can go further into depth but if you want it described in the best way possible. The “Pink Floyd The Wall” movie is literally the entire story of the album turned into a great movie.” Pink Floyd revealed this heartbreaking Roger Waters alcohol photo.