Kurt Cobain Daughter Confirms ‘Horrible’ Illness


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has announced that she has a ‘horrible’ cold, and linked to a video of a dancing dog to try to pump herself up as she recovers. A bold Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson claim was made yesterday.

“I have a horrible cold. But I’m determined to bring this energy into Monday.”

Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg recently discussed how Kurt Cobain first showed the signs of wanting to be a father before Frances Bean Cobain was born.

“I think he had moments when he enjoyed it; he was not depressed all the time. My greatest memories of him are of him smiling, laughing and joking, playing with my baby when she was born and before he had a daughter.

But in terms of a relationship like this, you know, the word manager is a little… misleading, because some people think we’re somehow the boss of our client, or in charge of the situation. It’s the opposite; they’re the boss. We manage on their behalf, we don’t manage them, we manage things for them.”

There were personal discussions about life [with Kurt] and I treasure those moments, and I did develop a personal relationship with him, in particular because I kind of understood his relationship with Courtney, when others around him didn’t.

But in terms of the complex issues of life, you just try and be there for somebody, set an example and respond when they need you.” Frances Bean Cobain called out a famous boyfriend lie recently.

Frances Bean Cobain is expected to release her debut album at some point in the not too distant future, as she has teased several singer-songwriter focused acoustic songs on her Instagram page, featuring dark and touching lyrics that evoke memories of her late father. You can read the full Danny Goldberg interview at Music Business Worldwide.

  • Left Deceit

    He was a father. He also wanted a divorce. Which Courtney said herself in the documentary Bleached. He was drug addict. He needed rehab. He’s musical lyric genre was suicide or “Emo” as it’s lnown today. Just like Black Metal arist used ocult Satan themes. Couetney ordered Kurt demise. But first she has cover her motives. Tell the media, muddy the waters, that Kurt is suicidal with a gun! The tsll tell stuck, it’s muder.

  • Allen Martin

    Horrible illness, it’s a cold. It’s not like she has a pimple or some other serious problem you dumb bastard.

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    Brett Buchanan strikes again! The single greatest investigative reporter/journalist of all time.

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    Yes, he does it once again. BS headlines. Like I will stop reading his material. Apocalypse story and end of the world due to some rock star sneezing coming next. HEALDINES: BRETT BUCHANAN REPORTS ON AN ACTUAL GOOD STORY AND DOESN’T EMPLY BAIT AND SWITCH.

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    And we should care why exactly?

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