Kurt Cobain Daughter Calls Out Famous Boyfriend Lie


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain took has uploaded the following Instagram story addressing the rumors that she is currently off the market! Eddie Vedder recently broke his silence on Kurt Cobain. While it was rumored that Frances Bean might be dating long time friend and film producer, Matt Sukkar, the daughter Cobain hushed those rumors by posting:

“You are my platonic soulmate and adventure partner for life. I’m so happy you were born.”

In other news regarding Kurt and Frances Bean Cobain, fans on the Nirvana subreddit were discussing how interesting it is that Frances Bean has been alive longer than her father now.

Sappy92 posted: “I turned 27 a few month ago, and after I was older than Kurt had ever been it really changed my perspective of not just Kurt but the whole ’27 club’. I’ve barely just became an adult and are still understanding the world. It has, however, made me realize more how truly gifted and talented Kurt and others were to be producing the music they were being so young. I no longer see Kurt’s demise as this romanticized legend as I have throughout my youth, just a talented but very troubled young guy. Kurt Cobain’s widow made this disturbing AIDS claim recently.

Jon_Locked stated: “I know it’s morbid but I thought it was interesting. Not sure about gloomy though, It would be way worse if she hadn’t reached this age and I hope she has a long, healthy, enjoyable life.”

Frecn put: “I sometimes fantasize if Kurt stayed alive he replaces Pat Smear with Dave Grohl and Grohl becomes more involved with writing, then Taylor Hawkins becomes the new drummer for Nirvana.”

And Vitalogy1 replied: “I’ve always compared my own age to ‘how old Kurt was when… Blah blah’ However I’m about 2 months older than Frances so yeah it makes me feel old af now I’m older than he ever was.” A Tool member made a ‘junkie’ Kurt Cobain remark last week.