Kurt Cobain Daughter ‘Gets Wet’ In Creepy Photo


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has revealed that she got wet in a new social media post. She wrote, “When you’re wearing socks and step into something wet.” Fortunately she posted a new photo, and looks great despite the mishap! Michael Jackson’s daughter just leaked a creepy Kurt Cobain photo.

Nnoirro posted on the Nirvana Reddit about the influence Frances Bean’s father Kurt had with Nirvana in exposing other artists to a new audience, “With the band wearing their influences on their sleeves (both musically and stating it in interviews) what bands/artists did Nirvana help you get into?

Nirvana came to me at the beginning of my adolescence so they were huge in getting me into hardcore punk and other more “art rock” (using that term loosely) acts like SWANS, Sonic Youth, Pixies, and the like. Kurt being tight with Bikini Kill also introduced me to their contemporaries like 7 Year Bitch, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney, etc. What say all of you?”

Onemoresolo77 responded, “Might sound absolutely f***ing ridiculous but The Beatles.”

Nnoirro chimed in, “I get this. Nirvana helped me appreciate melody and pop sensibilities and in turn that helped me really understand the genius of John and Paul’s songwriting.”

Mrtanack wrote, “I already knew a few Pixies songs anyway but I properly got into them thanks to Nirvana. Also the Breeders, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Hole, etc.”

ThiccMemeBoi said, “The Beatles, Melvins, Wipers, U-Men (rabbit hole that led to the Deep Six compilation), TAD, Skin Yard, Green River, Scratch Acid, Mudhoney, The Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan, The Velvet Underground, Lead Belly, Led Zeppelin (beyond their core hits), Flipper (Hell yeah!), The Cars, Black Flag, and most importantly, MEAT PUPPETS.”

Strovski concluded, “Nirvana completely shifted my musical preference from rap/rnb to the whole 90s rock thing. Never realised how amazing the guitar was now I cant stop listening to Nirvana, Silverchair, Deftones and Sunny Day Real Estate.” Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love recently made a ‘worst’ drug claim.