Kurt Cobain Widow Reveals ‘Worst’ Drug Used


Kurt Cobain and his widow Courtney Love’s worst drug used was obviously heroin, but Courtney Love has revealed that there is a river that she loves even more than heroin and drugs. Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain leaked the ‘worst’ Dad photo a few days ago.

Love wrote on social media, “Thames , this beautiful river , in my veins, stops my heart , one of my true loves, more than drugs , or diamonds , or men or almost anything . ❤🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌅”

Nirvana fans recently discussed if there is a Kurt Cobain of this generation on Reddit. Jhaos posted, “No one. If anything, I think this generation is going in the complete opposite direction. Kurt (and Nirvana) wasn’t just about the music. They influenced social change on a mass scale. There’s so many details that it’s hard for me to convey what I’m trying to get at, but here’s my best example: One of our biggest things was for people to quit labeling/judging us. Things like being LGBTQ. We were all just f**king humans, we don’t need those words for people to know who we are. This generation seems to want a special label for each and every tiny little thing. It’s frustrating and hard to wrap my head around.

Edit: I feel I should tell this story in advance just in case I’ve offended anyone. Back in the 90’s, it wasn’t safe to be LGBTQ. One day I went into my local comic shop, and the guy running the counter was covered in bruises. Long story short, this is how I learned about ‘LGBTQ insulting.’ Some of the guys in the area didn’t like his lisp so they beat the shit out of him. So the only logical thing was to intentionally piss those guys off. We took our cue from Nirvana on SNL. Me and my best friend (both straight) from that point on would just start making out in public any chance we got, just to piss people off.

Flash forward all these years, and now I’m a man married to a ‘lesbian.’ Now I’ve got to fight these close minded people all over again. ‘Well she can’t be a lesbian if she’s married to you!’ They can’t get over the fact that our trust and love for each other is more important than sexual gratification. Because she doesn’t fit into their definition of the ‘lesbian’ label, that she must somehow not be one. That or our relationship must not be genuine. Self appointed judges and all that. The sad thing is most of this bullshit is coming from the younger generation! It hurts, because I literally put my ass on the line to change this shit, and it feels like the progress we made just keeps slipping further away.” Kurt Cobain’s daughter leaked a painful Green Day photo last week.