Kurt Cobain Daughter Sad Birthday Party Photo Revealed


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has posted a sad, but cute, photo of her ‘concerned’ dog looking quite lonely at his birthday party. Frances Bean Cobain recently teased a jail Halloween outfit in a stunning photo.

She wrote on social media, “Happy 1st birthday smol chiweenie son!! You’re the most concerned tiny man trapped in a dog body, ever.”

Cobain wrote on her birthday a couple of weeks ago, “27 so far, has been beautiful. I love the process of aging because the older I get the more aware of who I want to be in the world, I become. My wish for this year is: To live in accordance with the example of myself that I project into the world.

To use my platform for the benefit of other people, without expecting anything in return. To release the idea that I will ever have control over anything, except for who I choose to be. To create within myself an environment of unconditional loving awareness & compassion. To make art that’s an authentic representation of my one, weird perspective. Pretty Simple. Haha. Thank you for the birthday wishes. They fill my heart. This life is a good one. I am happy to be here.”

Frances Bean Cobain also recently broke her silence on family trauma. la_raya_curt commented, “Oh my God. Your 27? 😪 I love you FB. There are so many of my generation that have seen you come from your parents. We love you and care for you like our own. I think that’s what he would have wanted. Bless you. Made my day. Today is for Kurt. 🙏💗🌎”

chantalclaret wrote, “Beautifully said. Happiest of all the happy birthdays and hope all of these things and more will manifest for you; no doubt they will. ❤️❤️”

skwidthekidd said, “Merry birthmus, if you were born on Mercury you would be 108, Venus 54, natural earth age 27, Mars 13. Jupiter 2. I hope you get your wish. Happy birthday to you.”

michelgaubert chimed in, “Happy birthday . I thought I was not going to like the process of aging but I am loving it more each year . We get better with age as we learn to get rid of the things too don’t like about yourself . You learn to use them to your advantage . Keep going ❤️” Dave Grohl recently revealed a disgusting secret about Kurt Cobain’s home.