Paul McCartney Creepy Michael Jackson Shaving Photo Leaks


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney took a bizarre rare photo of himself shaving with Michael Jackson behind him, and it recently resurfaced in a new tweet by a fan. McCartney recently wrapped up his ‘Fresh Up’ tour, and some fans wondered by he stopped signing memorabilia onstage for fans, and calling them up. A Paul McCartney bandmate discussed wasting $4,000 yesterday.

Everything Aflutter posted on the official Macca board, “Curious whether he still does this. Been at his shows over past 10 years and have seen him sign an album or 2 from the stage and toss it back to fans in the front rows. Anyone see him do that lately? Thanks!”

Nancy R responded, “Nope. He’s apparently stopped calling people up on stage too! ☹️”

Paul McCartney was recently photographed eating at an expensive restaurant. thenightfish said, “Right, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone get called up on stage during this US leg at any of the shows. And I haven’t seen him signing albums on stage in a long time. Actually I’m glad he stopped doing that; people would start flinging albums at him and sometimes he’d get hit by one, even in the face.”

SIRMACCA chimed in, “Nothing in New Orleans…..didn’t even read signs. Nothing in Green Bay…but he read signs.” forget64 concluded, “The last time I saw him sign something from stage was at the end of the concert at the First Ontario Center in Hamilton, July 21, 2016 .

Over the years the most items he signed that I saw was when Paul would point out a fan with an item to be signed and Brian Riddle would get it and hand it to Paul.” McCartney recently was photographed driving a younger ‘party girl’ in Beverly Hills.