Kurt Cobain Daughter Shaking Outside Video Revealed


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has filmed a shaking backside video for her Instagram story, though it’s unclear if it’s her or a friend. She also filmed a video of herself dancing and appearing to shake her backside that she also uploaded. Frances Bean Cobain uploaded a powerful live performance video with a Foo Fighters collaborator on Friday.

Frances Bean’s new acoustic performance is getting rave reviews on Instagram. lauredwood said, “This just stopped my rowdy one year old in his tracks. He’s entranced by you! Keep the videos coming for my sanity 😂”

ari_sarah_1010 said, “Your music really speaks to me, so does your art work, your so talented!!!! ❤💜💙💛💚 Thank you for sharing your stuff, it means so much to me, on days when I feel down, I look at your art and it makes me feel & see the good in the world & it inspires me to get artsy, you have helped me find a part of myself I thought I lost.”

The Kurt Cobain fanpage kurtsmemoria wrote, “This sounds so magical that it cleansed my soul, your vocals as well as the guitar playing both sound so peacefully beautiful.” Frances Bean Cobain was filmed lip syncing a bad song a couple of weeks ago.