Motley Crue Singer Emotional Police Photo Leaks


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was recently photographed with a police officer, who called him one of the nicest guys he’d ever met during his time as a cop. A Motley Crue member announced the death of his former bandmate on Monday.

“#vinceneil @thevinceneil one of the coolest dudes I meet in 23 years of being a cop.”

Neil recently told Eddie Trunk about touring solo, “It’s a cool thing, because I love Motley Crue, I love Motley Crue’s music, and I love singing, and I love the fans’ reactions when they hear the songs,” he said. “Whether we’re playing in front of a thousand people or twenty thousand people, I can only see the front row anyway. So I’m happy for me and for the fans to be able to still hear that music after Motley Crue is finished.”

Vince Neil wrote a goodbye message this past week after suffering a tragedy. Motley Crue recently released teasers from ‘The Dirt’ audiobook. Niiki Sixx told Variety that Motley Crue considered doing the narration themselves, but “it just didn’t feel right for us.” He added that the band wanted an audiobook when the book came out originally in 2001, but there wasn’t much demand in a pre-digital age.

“There wasn’t a big enough audience to invest in it,” he said. “But with technology advances, fan demand and now the movie, it was a great opportunity to release this now.””