Pearl Jam Massive 2021 Tour Dates Revealed


Pearl Jam are reportedly set to tour in Australia in early 2021, with stops in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Pearl Jam will tour in North America in spring 2020, and Europe in summer 2020, including shows in New York and Los Angeles.

Jdizzle8291 summarized the rumors from band insider Dimitrispearljam on the Ten Club board in a new post, “North America tour starts in Canada – p.94, ‘I will be in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York from March 28-April 4. Are there any shows that might coincide with my trip?’ Dimi: looks like someone got lucky right there! – p.99, Only one show in Toronto – p.100, No Pittsburgh/Philly shows in spring – p.104, No DC – p.104

No Ohio – p.104, Not Dimi – Public on-sale 1/13 – p.104, Only Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa in Ontario – p.105, Baltimore on 3/28 hint – p.106, No Newark – p.113, Only 1 NYC show – p.113, San Diego confirm – p.113, Australia 2021 – p.114, Oakland, CA hint – p.115, Back to back shows in LA at minimum – p.123, Phoenix show hinted – p.123.”

Rhinomagic recently guessed the exact dates of Pearl Jam’s spring 2020 North American tour. He said, “This is just my take from reading the thread and looking at some venue availability, but I think it’s close to what’ll be announced:

Mar 18 — Toronto
Mar 20 — Canada show #2 (Hamilton OR Ottawa OR Quebec City)
Mar 22 — Canada show #3 (Hamilton OR Ottawa OR Quebec City)
Mar 24 — Canada show #4 (Hamilton OR Ottawa OR Quebec City)
Mar 27 — Baltimore, Royal Farms Arena
(Mar 28 — Saturday Night Live?)
Mar 30 — NYC arena show
Apr 2 — Nashville, Bridgestone Arena
Apr 4 — St. Louis, Enterprise Arena
Apr 6 — Denver, Pepsi Center
Apr 8 — Phoenix
Apr 10 — Oakland Arena
Apr 12 & 13 — Los Angeles, The Forum
Apr 15 — San Diego, Viejas Arena

There could be a ripple of a day or two variance, especially with the Phoenix and California dates. There could also be another city or show in the mix, but I feel this sequence considers the hints that have been dropped (i.e., US shows begin and end in Blue States — MD & CA). Shoot holes in it, if you like. It makes sense to me, at least.” Pearl Jam’s new album for spring 2020 was just revealed.