Kurt Cobain’s Friend Calls Out ‘Manipulative’ Courtney Love: ‘It’s A Dark Story’


Kurt Cobain’s friend John Purkey recently discussed Courtney Love and Soaked in Bleach on his YouTube channel last month.

“I mean multiple times about lying to like change a story or to make somebody think something different which is manipulative. I mean, how many people in your life do you know that do that? You know. So, when somebody says they make up a story to try to make somebody think something else, that’s pretty bad. It’s like beyond just a lie. Its like manipulation. It’s, it’s psychopathic I think if you guys know what I mean.

So, um, there’s something else I was just going to say on that to, uh, anyway, I’ll just keep talking about it. Um, I want to say I have met Dylan quite a few times. He’s a good guy. I mean if anything did, if anyone did have anything to do with anybody did have anything to do with Kurt, a murder or something, you know, it definitely wasn’t Dylan. You know, that’s 100%. Um, you know, Dylan loved Kurt and they were, they were best friends. You know and there’s one moment where he says, ‘If I thought that I knew anybody that you know, would have done something to Kurt, I’d [get] them.’

I mean, you gotta take that to heart like you know, you look at your best friends or something and if um something happened to one of them and you knew somebody who did, you’re just gonna be like oh my gosh, you know, I mean you’d wanna kill that person right?  So, I think that’s all he was saying there. Um, yeah so, Courtney is very obviously, very manipulative and very smart in a sense so, you know, it’s a dark story. It paints a dark story; You guys know what I’m talking about.

Um, if there was a divorce you know, and Courtney was going to be left with nothing, um, would she go to that extent? I don’t know. I don’t know.”