Kurt Cobain’s Ex-Girlfriend: ‘Courtney Love Threatened To Cut Off My Head & Burn Down My House’


Kurt Cobain’s ex-girlfriend Mary Lou Lord made headlines across the internet last week for her comments on Courtney Love, and she was at it again over the weekend with the following Facebook post:

I should have sued the bitch a long time ago.
But that’s not something that ever would have fixed anything. Maybe
temporarily, but it wasn’t and never will be a thing money can heal.

I never came up to her and said a thing.
She broke my teeth, she cracked my skull and she caused
me years of hell. The physical pain went away, but her words, and
her lies and the impact it left never went away. I honestly feel that
people should know about this.
Here in this photo/interview, she admits it. It was taken off of you tube, but
in this interview, she tells of the night she beat me, chased me, and so forth.

I did watch soaked in bleach, and regardless
of my stance on his death, which, I have no opinion on, it re-ignited an anger
in me that I never thought would be so profound. Anger is bad. I hate it.
But if you think I am saying all this now for any potential gain in anything, I am not.
I could have sued her. I didn’t. I tried to take the high road and move on.
I just tried to make the best music I could, and not let this effect me.
But she carried on attacking me for years, and I was in constant fear. Insane fear.
She threatened me, she also threatened my elderly parents who I was living
with through the many years of my early career. She threatened to burn our house down, and threatened to kill me with a gun, and cut off my head.
I’m not sorry to vent this publicly. That Soaked In Bleach movie just rattled
me so much. And I think people should know. She might be doing better now, but I still feel inside her, she is a rotten person . Money helps, clearly. (To a sociopath like her), and now, She has tons of it. Through law suits that HIS MONEY paid for!!! and the damage that SHE brought upon herself! So, why “wouldn’t” she be doing “better now”?
The movie just triggered so many emotions. How sad and pointless.
His death itself, etc. Just so fucking sad. It also triggered feelings about how
sad Elliott’s passing was as well. If you think this was easy for me, and others who went through this at that time, you’re wrong. I don’t think I’m entirely batshit crazy for talking about this either. I know I will let it go, and I think this is part of the process. It’s gross in a way to talk publicly about it all (i know that), but you, as fans and music lovers, and friends, are part of the fabric that this entire world of the music we make, and love, is woven from. It’s our reality, and our emotions regarding it, should never be denied.