Lars Ulrich Kicks Stage After Metallica Screwup


After a Metallica light screwed up onstage, Lars Ulrich went up and kicked it to get it back working, which can be seen in a video clip that captured the moment. Jason Newsted made a recent comeback performance that stunned Metallica fans.

Ulrich wrote on Instagram two days ago, “Trondheim, incredible to finally come to your beautiful city… soooo cool to still be able to discover new adventures. And what an adventure it was.. playing at the bottom of the Ski Jumping hill Granåsen, where the World Championships are often held and to be only the third concert in, was a total mindfuck!

What an unbelievable and unique setting. Throw in the midnight sun and all that comes in the wake of that, as in staying light the whole gig, and a truly otherworldly experience was had by everyone! Thank you to all who rolled out from near and far, with emphasis on far, since I know a lot you came from quite a distance away… this was definitely another next level adventure with our Scandinavian friends. The fuckin coolest!!!”

Jason Newsted recently responded to an emotional Metallica fan demand. Lars Ulrich wrote in another recent post, “Gothenburg… Tuesday night madness. A beautiful evening greeted us on stage, weather was helpful, conditions perfect. You were engaged and with us on every note, every beat, every nuance.. Fourth visit to Ullevi and I felt a whole other level of connection. Thanx for rolling out from near and far and an extra fuck yeah to all the familiar faces sharing this crazy ride with us day in and day out!!”