Paul McCartney Reveals Big Name Beatles Ripoff


Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra(ELO) recently recalled his first meeting with the Beatles legend Paul McCartney after having a teasing edge. “He said to me, ‘Mr Blue Sky? I know where you got that riff from.’ He didn’t mince words. He thought I took it from the middle of A Day in the Life. But we became great pals.”

Paul McCartney has been famous since 21

McCartney is set to turn 80 on June 18. He has been world-famous since he was 21, and for very good reason. His immense success with the Beatles, writing and performing songs the world still sings today and becoming a transformative figure in popular culture has made him the huge star that he is.

He has been making some great music ever since, at a rate of productivity and creativity almost unrivaled in his field. His megahit era may have tailed off in the mid-1980s but last year his 18th solo studio album McCartney III (of 47 if you count all bands and side projects) went to number one in the UK.

Blake Richardson, who plays Sir Paul McCartney in a forthcoming film about Beatles manager Brian Epstein, said he has been watching the band’s performances since he was a child. The 22-year-old frontman of Brit-pop band New Hope Club is set to make his acting debut as one of the Fab Four in Midas Man. He will star alongside Jonah Lees as John Lennon, Leo Harvey-Elledge as George Harrison, and Campbell Wallace as Sir Ringo Starr in the new biopic.