Never Before Seen Layne Staley Video Surfaces


Never before seen video of Alice In Chains with Layne Staley performing live has surfaced. The video sees AIC perform “Junkhead” and “Man in the Box” at Lollapalooza 1993.

A reader named Daniel Wayne Jr. sent in the following:

I’m a super Alice In Chains fan. Huge Layne Staley fan!!!

Anyways, I was watching a YouTube clip of an AIC show that said it was a show in 2018…but I think they messed up and it really was a show from 2010.

Well, I got to the song ‘Would?’ And towards the end of that song William DuVall jumps into the crowd, and when he does, a guy pops through Will’s left arm that has the appearance of Layne Staley!! And this person appears to be holding Will up or hugging him…

I had to watch this part of the clip over and over to make sure I wasn’t going crazy…lol

I took a bunch of screenshots frame by frame to look at closely.

Also, just so you don’t think I edited Layne in those pics, I’ll give you the YouTube clip and you can see for yourself how eerie this all is..

Wouldn’t that be something if he returned to AIC just to say great job guys! Great job Will!!

Anyways, I hope this gets to you OK man! Let me know what you think..I’m sure other Layne Staley fans would love to see these screenshots and that clip…”

Here is the clip –