Mick Mars Breaks Silence On Motley Crue ‘Death Bed’ Claim


Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars and his fans called out haters for claiming that his health issues are killing him and making him incapable of touring in a new Twitter conversation. Michael Jackson’s daughter recently made a disturbing Motley Crue claim.

Mars suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis that mainly affects the spine and pelvis. Despite this, Mars have bravely toured and recorded for decades.

Fiona tweeted, “Just been reading some comments questioning @mrmickmars and if his health is up to the stadium tour.. The man is a f#@kin hero! Dont EVER doubt the marsman. Keep rockin’ Mick 👽🤘 #mickmars #motleycrue #aliengoth.”

Mars shot back, “Can you send me the link for that article?? I’d like to read it.
Thank you.”

Fiona responded, “This was not about any single article.. just dickheads who dont have the brain capacity to understand AS or the determination you have.”

Mikaiya wrote, “It’s jealousy of those who are willing to attempt to knock down the people who want to share their music with the generations of kids, teens and adults who appreciate the opportunity to play and work together instead of trying to separate the bands and genres into sections of age.”

Candyce said, “From one small town #ASWarrior to @mrmickmars, kudos to you buddy. You’re truly amazing. I’ve always admired you & all you’ve endured. Still continue my fight for a ‘good life’ & will always look up to you & enjoy your concerts from my quiet little corner xxxx.” Mick Mars wanting to hire a new singer was just revealed.