Pink Floyd Icon ‘Drugging’ Claim Video Revealed


Pink Floyd‘s founding member Roger Waters recently was interviewed on RT to discuss Julian Assange. In talking to the outlet, Waters said: “So they’ve obviously they’ve been drugging him, God knows what they’ve been doing.”

Waters was later asked by RT: “You and the U.N. may say he was tortured. The British government denies that he is being tortured, in fact, even rejected a request from Span about questions of a video link of CIA bugging. Last time on this show you said that Lenin Moreno took an IMF bribe, which he denies to release [Julian] Assange from his asylum at the London Ecuadorian embassy. He has now fled the capital. Do you think that he is getting some sort of ‘Just Desserts’ in Ecuador?” This Pink Floyd member ‘going blind’ video was recently revealed.

This Pink Floyd icon reacted to a horrible rape arrest. To which Waters responded: “Thank goodness for that. He fled the capital, I have to say as well in the wake of him then making the announcement that he decided to give their National Park away to Chevron so they could destroy it, extracting oil in the same way that they did in Lago Agrio which is the area of Ecuador that I went to, to look at some of the thousand waste pits that Texaco left there in the wake of their drilling operations between 1961 and 1993. What a stark contrast between the presidency they elected to give political asylum to Julian Assange and Moreno who had him removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by Special Branch and so on is graphic is graphic and terrifying.”