The Rolling Stones Member ‘Drugged’ By Keith Richards


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman was interviewed at World Web Forum, and he discussed Keith Richards and his other bandmates once drugging him with marijuana by locking him in a cupboard. Keith Richards’ daughter recently revealed a stunning Prince photo. Alternative Nation transcribed Wyman’s comments.

Bill Wyman: Not taking drugs. Not really doing heavy alcohol.

Interviewer: Wait, I’m sure people don’t really believe, not taking drugs ever.

Wyman: No.

Interviewer: Ever? Just once maybe?

Wyman: I smoked joints sometimes. I had to try it, because they insisted. What they did to me, they were all smoking these joints, which had the stuff in it, elephant tranquilizer or whatever they were putting in these cigarettes, and they tried to pass me one, and I wouldn’t have it.

What they did on one occasion, not on the film, that was another reason on another occasion, what they did was they took me and put me in a cupboard, and they opened the door and they kept blowing the smoke. All of them are blowing the stuff to get me stoned.

While Wyman didn’t use drugs, outside of the cupboard incident, he was famous for his success with the ladies, though he has settled down in recent years in retirement with his wife. Wyman retired from The Rolling Stones in 1993, and he recently revealed why he is done with the band ‘for good.’