Van Halen Rumored To Fire David Lee Roth


David Lee Roth made cryptic remarks earlier this week about Van Halen being ‘finished,’ and while the popular theory sadly is that Eddie Van Halen could be ill, especially in light of what Michael Anthony said, but an overlooked comment Roth made about Van Halen coming back in a different ‘fashion than you know’ has led to another theory that Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Wolfgang Van Halen could be choosing to move on as a trio with Wolfgang fronting the band to support his long delayed debut solo release. Keep in mind this is just a fan theory, and hasn’t been confirmed.

C Brown posted on, “Doesn’t sound ridiculous to me. I’d rank fan theories form likeliest to least likely as follows:

1) EVH has decided to retire. Dave is bitter because he wasted 4 years (an eternity for a performer his age) for Eddie to ‘answer the bell.’ If true, this one is particularly shitty from DLR’s perspective. It likely means that rather than choosing to be inactive, Dave was told to be inactive by team VH because a tour was in the works…more than once.

2) Word was passed to Dave that the band has decided to move forward as a trio. That’s where Dave’s comment about VH ‘not coming back in the fashion you know’ is coming from. Also explains Dave’s saltiness. If true, he was basically kicked out of the band.

2) Ed has a non-life threatening health condition and has no plans to tour in the foreseeable future. Remember how angry Dave was about Eddie’s hip replacement back in 1996? Rinse and repeat but this time DLR’s window to keep doing his thing is 20 years shorter.

3) EVH is gravely ill and VH in all forms is over. This one is highly doubtful. There would be no reason for Dave to be pissed or throwing shade at EVH about writing his solos if the guy was seriously sick. Dave is an odd duck, but I’ve never heard anecdotes of him being cruel or lacking in humanity.” Eddie Van Halen kissed a surprising man in photos that recently resurfaced.