Brian Johnson Breaks Silence On AC/DC Reunion


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was photographed in the studio with Phil Rudd last year, along with Cliff Williams, Angus Young, and Stevie Young, and he referred to Rudd in the present tense in a new interview when discussing rock’s greatest drummers, seemingly excited by his secret reunion with the rock icon. An AC/DC member was photographed yesterday drinking at a bar. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks from The Big Interview.

“If you look at Phil, he is one of the best in the world. Phil Rudd is a drummer that makes things swing. When he is on the beat, he is so far back, you think he is going to fall off the chair, and when he hits it, it creates a thing called ‘swing.’ Way back in the old days it was swing, and when you listen to the Stones it was Charlie Watts (sings Brown Sugar). It rocks, hard rock is great stuff.”

A television station recently revealed if Brian Johnson is AC/DC’s current or former singer. Johnson added, “AC/DC have done a couple of songs like that, where it’s just right on the beat, and it’s pounding and it’s great stuff. Sometimes there is a subtle difference, it took Roger Daltrey to explain it if you watch the program, he goes deeper into it. It’s a fascinating thing, but at the end of the day, it’s all great music.”

Fans on were disappointed to not hear a concrete AC/DC tour or new album announcement from Johnson. whomadewho80 posted, “Brian is so awesome, some great stories. Nothing new AC/DC related unfortunately.” IronPatriot responded, “They didn’t have the guts to ask the truly relevant questions.” Brian Johnson revealed his AC/DC ‘struggles’ in a new video.