Howard Stern Reveals What’s Wrong With Weezer


Howard Stern recently criticized the Weezer song “Buddy Holly” for how it starts. Howard Stern took a brutal shot at Weezer a few months ago. recapped: After the break they played Weezer’s ”Buddy Holly” as they were coming back. Howard said he likes this song but it starts so abruptly. He let the song play a little bit.

Howard said he did that commercial for that Tushy thing and it shoots water up your butt. He said they have a meeting every week and in one of them they asked if he would do the live commercial for that. He said he does draw the line somewhere. He said he’s open to just about any product but sometimes he’s like ”are you f**king kidding me?” He said it’s a little embarrassing sometimes.

Howard Stern called out a surprising Dave Grohl and Radiohead lie recently. He said he’s going out to L.A. and all of these shows want him on. He said then he’s doing a commercial for Tushy. He said they told him what this thing was and he thought it sounded like something he’d do a commercial for. He said it cuts down on toilet paper use and hemorrhoids. He said it prevents him from looking like a big star sometimes though.

Rivers Cuomo recently discussed the new Weezer song “The End of the Game” on Beats 1 on Apple Music.

“Yeah. I’m like not faithful. I just like one idea to the next and I forget what I was into last year. And then I guess it maybe it’s from one extreme to the other… so last album we didn’t have any guitars, this one is just all guitars. A hundred guitars.

This is all from playing shows, and we just noticed over the last few years there’d be these moments during the show where I’d accidentally bust out a few harmonics or a whammy bar dive or a little tapping just because I can’t control myself.

And we noticed like unlike in decades past, now the audience would go ballistic whenever they’d hear even a hint of that style. So I started doing it more and more. And soon I’m just like shredding through the whole show and we’re like, ‘Jeez, we should make an album like this.'” Greta Van Fleet revealed what they did to Weezer a few months ago.