Paul McCartney Wife Bends Over In Stunning Photo


Paul McCartney‘s enchanting daughter, the incomparable Mary McCartney took to social media via Instagram recently to showcase the following photograph that she took while in Scotland of her mother, the late Linda McCartney posing in a stunning, bending position.  McCartney wrote: “A photo I took of mum in Scotland. To celebrate the closing weekend of Linda McCartney retrospective GlasgowKelvinGrove. x Mary.” You can view the photo below. Paul McCartney getting ‘overweight’ revealed in sad photo. 

In other news revolving Paul McCartney, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of the most recent offerings from the man called ‘Macca’, Egypt Station.

Paul McCartney calls out ‘spoiled’ family in video. One fan stated: “This album exceeds my wildest expectations. I’m giving it 5 stars not because it’s on the level of The Beatles’ masterpieces or McCartney’s extraordinary albums like Ram and Band on the Run. But boy is it close. I don’t like to judge older artists against their peak years of creativity and popular success, but even if I look at this in terms of the albums he’s made since his creative resurgence in the late ’90s, there’s a good argument that this is the best of the lot, and probably even his best since 1982’s Tug of War. Flaming Pie kicked off a latter-day run of amazing albums in 1997, and only Kisses on the Bottom struck me as a bit of a letdown (even if it is a pleasant lark for the occasional listen). It’s hard for me to pick a favorite from that run of albums, as all of them have such great highlights while working great as complete albums with their own identities. What’s so striking after all this time is how much energy McCartney brings to his music after all this time. Energy and inspiration. And that’s how I’d describe Egypt Station.”

The fan continued by saying: “Paul McCartney operates on a different level than any other artist out there. His life and experiences are incomprehensible to us. He could just kick back and bask in the glow of his past achievements, yet he has such a love of music and performance that he remains driven not just to tour (and put on a great show) but to record new music. And this isn’t filler. All future McCartney compilations need to make room for “Come on to Me.”

Paul McCartney holding two women in a bar photo was revealed not too long ago. The fan concluded: “Professional reviewers will no doubt discuss “Fuh You” and talk about how it takes “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road” to a not-so-subtle extreme that may be ill-advised for a very family-friendly, generation-bridging artist. But you know what? The song rocks, and it has a fantastic melody. Bottom line: it works.”