Led Zeppelin Member Wants Hologram John Bonham Reunion


In a new Eddie Trunk Podcast interview, Led Zeppelin reunion shows drummer Jason Bonham said he wants to perform with a hologram of his late father John Bonham.

“I’d love to be able to try and do something in that way. I think that would be an amazing way to honor him.”

Jason said he wanted video of his father John to play at Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion show in London.

“At the O2, it was my idea, at the end of ‘Rock And Roll’, for the lights to go out and it would go to one, if not six or whatever, of the best endings of ‘Rock And Roll’ from Dad. I said, “Can we end the O2 show, the ‘Celebration Day’ show…?’ where [Robert Plant sings], ‘Loney, loney, lonely, lonely, lonely time,’ and it goes to different versions from all the different tours, and, say, pick six or four of the best ones that we have in good-quality film, I guess. And you know what the guys said to me was? ‘You worked so hard all night to stop people comparing you. Why do you wanna give it back to him at the end?’ And that was a really weird, touching moment for me.

But at the same time, I wanted to go, ‘But it’s my dad.’ And he goes, ‘They’ll never forget him. Don’t worry.’ But, he goes, ‘What you need to do is you go out there and you remind them that you’re his son and this is what he gave you.’ So it was very special. But I really wanted to give it to him again. So, in the end, what I did was I kept the sticks that I had on me as I walked off stage. I drove home, and the next morning I went to his grave and I buried them with him. I said, ‘Have them back. They’re yours again.'”