Led Zeppelin New Female Singer Offer Revealed


During a recent interview with Liz Barnes, host of Planet Rock’s “My Planet Rocks”, Ann Wilson would make quite the shocking revelation – that she actually tried out to be the new front person for Led Zeppelin. This was because, according to Wilson herself, Plant and Jones were looking for a new singer for around fifteen by that point.

As she stated: “Yeah, it’s such a boy’s club,” Ann said. “ZEPPELIN always was a boy’s club. I know that because there was a minute when the rumor was that they were auditioning singers and I just threw my hat in the ring. I went, ‘I’m here!’ and it was crickets,” she added, using the term that means absolute silence or no communication.
If asked why not just do a couple of numbers for the group at that point, Wilson would then say: “Who knows what went on there? But anyway, who would want to hire somebody that could sing just like Plant? I don’t think that’s what they were into, you know? I don’t think they want it to be a caricature of LED ZEPPELIN.”

In other news revolving Led Zeppelin: Back during a Forbes interview that took place in 2020, long-standing KISS member Paul Stanley told Forbes that seeing Zeppelin in 1969 was a “transformative” experience in his life. Credit to the outlet below.

He said: “I saw Zeppelin in ’69 and that was transformative. As I would put it that was god’s work. When you see a band that are so tied to each other and the synergy within the band and not only the music, but the sexuality of the band. Everything was so potent and so perfect that was a transformative moment for me. Probably more than any other was seeing Zeppelin live really when I believe they were at their peak.