Lisa Marie Presley Death Message To Axl Rose Leaks


Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presely passed away at the age of 54 as per her mother. Lisa Marie Presley’s cause of death is unknown, almost one week after her sudden passing. An autopsy was completed on the singer-songwriter, who died last Thursday after going into cardiac arrest. However the Los Angeles County Coroner ordered more tests before making a determination.

Axl Rose performed at Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial service.

Axl Rose was certainly honored to be able to perform and speak at Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial service.

“I didn’t really know I was going to speak or anything,” the founding member of Guns N’ Roses tells ET’s Kevin Frazier. “I still feel like, I don’t know, that I deserve to be here, but I wanted to try to do right by her and her family and her fans. So it meant a lot, but I was pretty nervous and emotional up there.”

Axl joined a host of family, friends and fans at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday to pay tribute to Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s only child. In honor of Lisa Marie, Rose performed one of her favorite Guns N’ Roses songs, “November Rain.” He suggested Lisa Marie said she wanted Axl to perform the song at her funeral if she died before him.

“It was my understanding, she actually talked about if the situation … so that’s why I was asked to do it,” he says of performing the band’s 1991 single. “Of course, I had to be here.” 

During the service, Axl took to the stage and delivered a moving message about his friend before getting behind the piano for an emotional performance.

“I’m sure many of you are still in shock as I feel,” the 60-year-old musician told the crowd. “I’ll continue to be for quite some time. I feel like I’m supposed to be texting her like right now saying, ‘I’m here,’ telling her how wonderful everyone is.”

Axl continued, “I never in a million years imagined singing here, especially under these circumstances. This is truly devastating.”