Gene Simmons Daughter Bends In Suit Photo


Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons revealed this vivacious, throwback photo of her wearing this eye-popping, beach-ready thong bikini bottom on a very comfortable hotel bed while holding a vintage camera. Clearly Simmons is ready for her close up as she’s been posting a steady stream of hot content to keep her followers happy for quite some time now. For an updated version of this photo, you can click here.

In other news regarding Sophie’s father Gene Simmons and KISS, fans of the band discussed who their favorite all-time KISS member is in a recent topic and poll. Gene Simmons’ daughter recently bent over in this sexy Halloween costume.

NYRockCity wrote: “Peter Criss seems super genuine these days. I feel like he’s been through a lot and has handled himself really well over the recent years. I really respect how he continually supports people who have male breast cancer even after he was cured. He also seems (from what I’ve seen on his website) like a genuine part of his community. It’s cool to see someone face taking part in things that average people do.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed if she got implants not too long ago. Pete1699 put: “I love all the members for different reasons but I voted for Tommy [Thayer] because in 2014 at my kids first KISS show, he went way out of his way onstage to squat down and give my son a pick in his hand and he also made sure to throw one to my daughter as well. It meant a lot to them. But overall Paul [Stanley] is definitely great for many reasons and my childhood favorite was Ace because he’s always been the coolest, but I’ll never forget Tommy and how cool he was to my kids.

BassmanSteiny replied: “I would probably have to go with Gene [Simmons], he is the reason I first picked up the Bass. 20 plus years later, I have found other bass heroes, Jaco Pastorius, Vic Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Flea, Geddy Lee and etc. Gene will always be my favorite bassist and the reason i started. That being said I appreciate all members past and present. Ace [Frehley], Bruce [Kullick], Paul [Stanley], Peter [Kriss], the Erics, Tommy [Thayer], Vinnie [Vincent] and Mark [St. John]. They all had a place in the band’s history.