Major Update On Scott Stapp’s Relationship With Creed Bandmates (Updated With Alter Bridge Quote Clarification)


UPDATE: Scott Stapp never said he wished he was singing Alter Bridge songs. Our article originally said ‘Stapp said he never listens to Alter Bridge and wishes he was singing the songs.’ Interviewer Jeremy Jasta asked Scott if he wished he was singing Alter Bridge songs. Scott himself never said he wished he was, and we thought our initial paraphrase got across Scott’s response to the question, but we wanted to edit in clarification to let readers definitively know that Stapp did not say he wishes he was singing Alter Bridge songs, and apologize for any confusion our paraphrase may have caused.

Scott Stapp discussed his current relationship with his former Creed bandmates in a new Jasta Show interview. Alternative Nation transcribed Stapp’s quote.

“Right now, we’re in positive communication. Mark [Tremonti] and I communicate directly, it’s very positive. No more middle men, all that stuff is history. The relationship is positive, right now we’re doing other things. He’s got Alter Bridge, and I’ve got Art of Anarchy.

He’s got his solo, I’ve got my solo, and that’s really where our focus is, but who knows what the future holds. I think the relationship being positive, and the lines of communication being open, and used, is a good step. We’ll just see what the future holds.”

He also discussed the regrets he had about Creed’s break up.

“I definitely have regrets of how everything went down. I definitely have wishes that I could change certain things that were my fault, and my responsibility. I wish I could go back in time and do things differently.

I’ve just accepted the reality of what it is, and I was happy we got back together in 2009 and made Full Circle. We toured for 4 years, we’ll see what the future holds.”