Angus Young Family Leaks AC/DC Reunion Photo


AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young’s son Ross recently reunited with original singer Dave Evans. Ross is the nephew of Angus Young. An AC/DC icon recently revealed a big name Angus Young ‘replacement.’

Evans wrote on Facebook, “Andy Sutton – A few years ago spending the day out with Ross Young the son of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young and Dave Evans the original singer. Dave took us all over Sydney telling us stories of AC/DC back in the beginning. We all had a blast!!”

Peluso posted on recently about AC/DC’s other singer Brian Johnson, “Was shopping in a local record shop today and saw a copy of Brian’s solo album Strange Man. Does anyone know anything about it? It looks to me like a cash in compilation by Geordie’s record label of Geordie songs after Brian joined AC/DC, but I didn’t see much information about it online. If anyone knows anything about it I’d like to know the history of it.”

Meanstreak responded, “As far as I know, it’s not a Brian Johnson solo album. It is a compilation of Geordie songs with Brian.”

NitroAngus said, “It was a cash in, the original vocal tracks from Brian’s 70’s tenure in Geordie were taken and added to newly recorded backing tracks. I would be surprised if Brian had little to any involvement. Legally I imagine he had to at least give approval of it before it was released, given his success with AC/DC he may not have given much of a shit about it at the time. I almost can see him being cool with it to help his old band mates keep surviving.

It’s a very 80’s sounding record. Always found it an interesting release and even enjoy some of the new versions of the songs quite a bit,it is very dated production wise.

I look at it as a window into perhaps what Brian would have done had he not gotten the job with the Youngs. (Thank God he got the gig!)

You can find all the songs amongst Geordie’s back catalogue with their original music, way less synth heavy for anyone interested.” An AC/DC member recently leaked a ‘last show.’