Marilyn Manson Bandmate Reacts To Vicious Trent Reznor Drug Insult


He first linked to a song from The Beastie Boys album Paul’s Boutique.

“Speaking of Brad [Stewart], and him secretly dropping a crack rock into my weed pipe …the day this came out, on the way to a show we had to play… and laughing hysterically because he said: “you just smoked crack”… as we were heading down I-95 and I was completely freaking out… I mean only because I was driving and it’s not cool to drive wasted.”

“I mean we bailed before the show with full makeup on, so we could both get a little high without getting in trouble from Brian [Warner, Marilyn Manson] et al (seriously at the time, he was a straight ass fu*ker like Scott [Putesky]… not that that’s a bad thing)…”

“I think it was a show at Cymbals in Boca Raton?”

Pogo then discussed Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor’s 2009 remarks about Manson. Reznor said in 2009, “[Marilyn Manson] is a malicious guy and will step on anybody’s face to succeed and cross any line of decency. Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he’s become a dopey clown.” Manson and Reznor have since ended their feud.

Ian Saint commented, “Trent famously made a remark about that same thing, how Brian used to be straight-edge; which he contrasted with the present, calling him a ‘dopey clown.'”

Pogo responded, “well he never learned proper drug etiquette nor was introduced to it at a sufficient age to learn proper usage.”

Ian Saint commented, “Brian responded by calling him ‘Rent Friendsters,’ which is not a very clever retort – actually, I think that solidifies the impression of being dopey.”

Pogo responded, “It’s all a f****** joke man… without Trent, he nor I would have no place in the industry, we were turned down a million times… no one is a saint in this business, but you better admit who let you get your foot in the door. And that’s why I giggle every time I know those Masters are missing, mysteriously so.”

“And what about Trent using Brian to direct and play Courtney Love in his video about StarFockers Inc.? Courtney Love Wheeling Brian around in the new video someone told me about? While Courtney Love spent her entire time disrespecting every person she ever worked with? The only thing worse is that both Courtney and Brian decided to f****** deal with that piece of s*** arrogant delusional a****** called Billy Corgan.”

“Trent has done evil, I have done evil, Brian has done a lot more evil, corny love has done so much evil I don’t think there’s a scale for it… But Billy Corgan, words do not suffice for his arrogance and downright insanity without the abuse of drugs for an excuse.”