Marilyn Manson Reveals Disturbing Nicolas Cage Photo


Marilyn Manson and A-List actor Nicolas Cage hanging together? You don’t say, it’s the beautiful people! This meme-worthy photo was snapped at a wild party that the two attended together recently in the even wilder town of Las Vegas, Nevada. Manson captioned the photo, which we have posted below for you all to see, saying how happy he was to be reunited with the Con Air star. Howard Stern dropped a gross Marilyn Manson bombshell this past Summer.

“Nic Cage and I, reunited in Las Vegas.”

In other news revolving Marilyn Manson, fans took to social media to discuss his latest single – a cover of the traditional folk song ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’, which was made famous most notably by Johnny Cash in 2003. Manson corded a cover version of the track during sessions for their tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down, which was released in 2017. However, the track was finally released as a standalone digital download and streaming single on October 18, 2019. Watch Marilyn Manson collapse onstage from this shocking video last year: ‘he was shaking’.

Ozren commented: “Brilliant idea how life can be so edgy that you don’t even have to compromise anymore, just delete what you have and start paying the dues, of how life employment is governmental business and that half of life is just praying to the lack of proportion. very nice shading and photography in the era of no transparency, too bitter old fashioned mockery of what should have been rock n’ roll, the blues scheme seems even so much better because it’s contemplative, looks like a born artist again, from the gutters of snake’s pit into the angel of the scabbed wings… life is beyond polarities, memories are worth of incidents and sacrifice, it’s nice to see a human being with a voice and experience, good job Mr. Manson.”

Dave Grohl partied with Marilyn Manson in these crazy photos taken this past April. Wayne said: “I’ve been a Manson fan since the day I saw the video for Sweet Dreams in my early teens. I’m a fan for life. Manson’s music was there in many of the toughest times of my life. Got me through lots of hate and anger. I like this video and the song. I’ve always purchased every Manson album and song and I’ll purchase this one. I hope Manson goes on as long as Alice Cooper has been going. Keep rocking Manson.”

Natalia replied: “What you all don’t understand is that Manson believes in GOD! He knows he exists he knows he is the creator. He criticizes bullshit that people have “created” but he never said that he doesn’t believe in God. I don’t understand how people think that he doesn’t believe. And I’m about to get some dumbass commenting something dumb on my comment and a bunch of disagreements about my comment, but this is what I really believe. I believe in God, in Jesus, and guess what? I love Marilyn Manson”