Mick Mars Stuns Motley Crue Fans With Tour Claim


Motley Crue are rumored to have a huge money offer for a 2020 reunion tour, but some fans have speculated that Mick Mars would be unable to participate, with his health issues preventing him from touring. Mars appeared to shoot down the idea that he is physically incapable of touring after 4 years off the road, liking a tweet by a fan who mentioned that Mars said he wants to tour his still unfinished new solo album.

A fan named Vince tweeted, “@mrmickmars Talked to one dude online today. He didn’t know that you want to tour after your album’s out. But I told him. He was very happy to hear that. And he says he wishes you good luck with your album and tour. 🙂 Hope this makes you smile.” Mars liked that tweet.

Nikki Sixx recently made a major show announcement, and also asked fans their favorite television shows on Twitter, “Addicted to “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”. So dark and quirky. What’s your top 3 new shows? 1. 2. 3. Also Amazon Prime has great music documentaries.The T Rex, Bowie and Johnny Thunders ones were loaded with new info.”

A fan named Britney asked Sixx, “interrupting everything* HEY, when are you putting another book into our hands? You have to have written something by now, even a teeeeny bit. SAY YES. Seriously I need to read you. 🙏🏻” Sixx responded, “I got a few started. Offer’s are coming in…I know I need to pull the Trigger soon.”

Britney shot back, “A few is even better! I can’t wait, until then I will continue re-reading your others. There is always something new that sticks out to me each time I read your books and I love it; there’s very few books I re-read regularly. Please don’t ever stop writing.” A Motley Crue icon recently revealed he was with a babysitter in the bedroom.