Motley Crue Icon Partied With A-List Star Before Death


Motley Crue drummer confirmed that he partied that he with the legendary standup comedian and actor, Sam Kinison before his death. The iconic Motley Crue bad boy was asked by Classic Rock Magazine asked in a new interview if he still uses drugs, and Lee responded that it was indeed with Kinison. This Motley Crue icon was caught smoking an awful drug.

Kinison died at the age of 38 after his white 1989 Pontiac 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am was struck head-on while traveling to a town in Nevada, to perform at a sold-out show. The comic’s crashed on U.S. Route 95, 4 miles north of Interstate 40 and around 15 miles northwest of Needles, California, by a pickup truck. A big name singer accused a Motley Crue member of dying yesterday.

“[Late stand-up comedian and actor] Sam Kinison. He was just a fucking riot, bless him. We partied and hung out a lot, and I’d have to physically leave the room because my face hurt so much from laughing. Really the most brutally funny guy.” This Motley Crue icon recently revealed he was nearly killed in an accident.
You can read the full interview at Louder Sound.

Motley Crue ranked the group’s discography on the band’s subreddit not too long ago. Reddit user ServeTheServants2001 gave his detailed explanation:

“Here’s my list: Shout at the Devil, Too Fast For Love, Theatre of Pain, Girls Girls Girls, Motley Crue, New Tattoo, Dr. Feelgood, Saints of Los Angeles, Generation Swine. There are only four amazing songs on here (Kickstart, Feelgood, Same Ol’, and Don’t Go Away). lol, Everything else is pretty meh. The Corabi album is so much better than this. The only reason that the guys in the Crue still talk fondly about this album is that they got sober around this time. If they wrote stuff like Rattlesnake Shake and She Goes Down while on drugs, they would have dismissed these songs and many others from this album as crap, which is ironic because of the stuff they wrote while on drugs and alcohol is better than this “sober” album. lmao. But with that being said, the album artwork is actually very cool. It’s just too bad the quality of the cover can’t match the quality of the music. Also, remember folks: just because an album went to #1 on the charts, it doesn’t automatically become better, otherwise you’d be falling all over yourselves for every disposable rap, hip hop, and a pop album that comes out. Let the music do the talking, not the sales, chart positions, or critics.”