Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Bad’ Swimsuit Photo Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons claimed she showed her ‘bad habits’ in a new wet swimsuit photo, but we disagree and think she looks stunningly beautiful! Simmons wrote on social media, “Storm Management ⛈ I was really hesitant to do anything with modeling again but when @betsyschrader told me about the talent board and still putting music first, i figured why not…excited to see what we can create. ⛈ @storm_la ⛈ .📷 @ryanmichaelkelly making my bad habits look acceptable 💅.” Gene Simmons’ daughter rejected a man hitting on her a few days ago.

KISS fans speculated about Gene Simmons having to cancel a KISS show due to a medical issue on the forums, despite there being no confirmation regarding what happened, outside of Simmons calling it nothing serious. JohnBergless wasn’t sure if it was a colonoscopy. Gene Simmons’ wife recently revealed a health scare.

“I don’t know about it being a colonoscopy…. done and wrapped up in 3 days isn’t impossible; but given the logistics it would be alot of work and if it was me, I would want to be ‘home’ for that – not in a hotel or a tour bus. So we know he was done in Denver on the 12th; lets say at midnight, allowing for wardrobe, makeup off, shower, etc. Even if he started drinking the prep cocktail right as he was coming off the stage in Denver…. I’d give it a good 8-12 hours of “seat time” then….. then considering the 1 hour car or bus ride from the arena to the plane – then a 2 hour plane ride….

Then an hour to get ‘home’ or directly to the medical facility….. that means he could be on the table and getting anesthesia about 10 or 11 am the next day….again, not impossible and there are instances where you could do an emergency procedure; however typically that requires going back for a more proper and thorough scoping, after the proper prep has taken place. Then, you never know, after the procedure how much time you’ll need in order to let your innerds get back to normal – so you’re not having left over diaherria….. and in 3 days, that would be when he’s on the plane again headed to Perth.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently filmed a pajamas video.