Mark Hoppus Puppy Photo Goes Viral With Fans


Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus is a dog lover and animal rights activist. Beyond personal affection, Hoppus is also an advocate for animal welfare. He supports various animal charities and encourages his followers to adopt rather than shop for pets. His platform allows him to raise awareness about the importance of responsible pet ownership and jots of adopting shelter animals.

In a post by Pet Alliance, he was recently seen with a puppy who was up for adoption during the band’s tour kick-off at Kia Center last week.

Mark Hoppus hangs out with furry friends

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It was a few years back he released a song, “Not Every Dog Goes to Heaven,” for his charity album Dog Songs. Album proceeds will go to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Not Every Dog Goes to Heaven” is a slice of vintage-sounding pop-punk, full of rapid drums and power chords. Drummer Travis Barker, the bassist’s Blink-182 bandmate, also co-wrote and performed on the track, along with Goldfinger singer-guitarist John Feldmann.

Hoppus and company drew inspiration from the classic 1983 film comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation, starring Chevy Chase as the flailing patriarch of the holiday-bound Griswolds. Musicians Allie Goertz and Casey Boyd organized the Dog Songs project. Hoppus organized his sessions with Barker and Feldman, finishing the song in only a few hours. In 2021, he also introduced the fans to his furry friend,Doug.

Meanwhile, during the kickoff show, the band debuted a new song along with their classic deep cuts. The band – comprised of the original line-up Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker – took over the Kia Center in Orlando Flordia to kick off their 2024 ‘One More Time’ tour and thrilled the fans.

The night’s setlist comprised of 26 tracks and included deep cuts such as ‘Obvious’ and  ‘M+M’s’ which were played with Delonge for the first time since 2013. They also performed ‘When Your Heart Stops Beating’ and ‘There Is’ which are tracks from their side-projects +44 and Box Car Racer respectively. The performance of those couple of songs marked the first time the band has played songs from either side project during a Blink-182 set.

They also took the time to debut a brand-new song titled ‘Can’t Go Back’. To wrap up the show, Delonge and co-performed ‘What’s My Age Again?’, ‘First Date’, ‘All the Small Things’, ‘Dammit’, and their recent chart-topper, ‘One More Time’ back to back. “One More Time Tour” marks the second tour they embarked on after their reunion with all of the original band members. It is in support of their ninth studio album ‘One More Time‘.