Howard Stern Reveals Led Zeppelin ‘Replacement’ Singer


Howard Stern has claimed that Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant may have a new replacement in the world of rock and roll after hearing Godsmack singer Sully Erna cover one of Zeppelin’s classics. Robert Plant recently leaked a sad The Who ‘goodbye’ statement. recapped: After the break they played Godsmack’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s ”Good Times, Bad Times” as they were coming back. Fred threw in some JD hoots during the song.

Howard came back and said he loves this song. He said this is Godsmack. He said it’s a great version of the Led Zeppelin song. He said he really should have practiced guitar instead of getting religious lessons. He said if he could do his life over again he would have been a rower and he’d be super ripped. He said he wouldn’t go to religious training. He said he had to study a language that was all made up about a made up story about a guy in the sky. He said he could have been playing guitar that whole time. He said he’d be an artist/painter too. He said he’d do radio too. He said instead of all of that he sat around doing drugs in his parent’s house.

Howard said he has to talk to this guy Riley who called in yesterday. He said he went on that Oprah tour. He said it was $218 for a ticket. He said Robin will be on his team when she hears this.

Howard had Riley on the phone and asked him about what happened. Riley said he didn’t have to pay but one of his mom’s friends backed out so he got a ticket. Howard said

Howard said this event went from 9am to 3pm with a lunch break. Robin asked if people left and didn’t come back. Riley said there were 18,000 people there and there were boxed lunches there. He said they were handing them out while people were just milling around. He said Oprah is talking about Wellness and people are there eating hot dogs and soda and drinking. He said they were like ”What the hell…” Howard Stern recently played a bad David Bowie cover performance.