Maynard James Keenan Creepy Dressing Room Photo Leaks


Maynard James Keenan took a hilarious and creepy Halloween themed dressing room photo recently, as Tool kick off their new tour. Tool also made a horrible cancelation announcement.

trm382 posted on Reddit, “TOOL in SLC last night ruled. Here’s my humble thoughts. Great crowd, great energy, and they were tight. Here are my thoughts on last night’s TOOL show in SLC while it’s still fresh in my mind.

First anyone who thinks Maynard is too old to scream or may not have it anymore, he certainly does. This is my 3rd time seeing them over the last 13 years and he still sounds amazing. The best Maynard song of the night by far was Intolerance. “TOLERAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTEEEEEEEEE!” Unreal that scream and the energy he put back into that song, especially so far along into the set.

Second the (new?) visuals during Pneuma are unbelievable. They manage to up their video production game every time I see them. What a treat to see animations that are more incredible then when I first saw them live in college and it blew my mind. That wall of fire visual that comes out every now and then while the star is moving over the stage and the laser curtains are over the crowd is pretty awesome to be a part of. I love when geeks get a huge budget and lots of cool toys, amazing stuff happens. (A Tool goodbye video was revealed a couple days ago)

Finally, and I can’t believe this, but my hands-down favorite song performed was Invincible (along with Chocolate Chip Trip). I went expecting Parabola to be the highlight, one of my favorite songs of all time, which they did rock… but when they came back after their intermission with just Danny Carey playing a massive gong into a mind blowing drum solo it really shook the place (and who does a 4 minute drum solo as their return from intermission? Bad ass Danny Carey that’s who). And then the transition into Invincible which feels deeply personal and the whole band is just perfectly together on, it really was the best 20 minutes of the night.

‘Beating tired bones, tripping through remember when. Once invincible, now the armor’s wearing thin…’

Overall the band was really tight. Danny Carey was the highlight for me but all 4 of them were really on. I’d honestly pay money to just watch Justin Chancellor on stage tear the walls down with his bass. Great show, I’m pumped for all my friends who are seeing them in the next month. Have fun everyone. Enjoy the no cell phone policy. I never pulled mine out once. The show flew by in the blink of an eye.

Oh I did get a signed SLC poster by the way. It’s intense and I love it. We got there about 2.5 hours before show start. To those who went with me thanks for being a part of that amazing trip.” A ‘stoned’ Tool member was also revealed.

Milo dgaf when Maynard murders Fans from r/ToolBand