Tool Make Horrible Cancelation Announcement


Tool launched their ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour in Denver earlier this week, and the band announced that they were canceling a VIP soundcheck, offering refunds, before they oddly ended up doing a partial set. Maynard James Keenan revealed what Tool bandmate was ‘stoned’ at a recent concert.

blipblopblurp posted Reddit, “VIP Sound check- what have they played so far? Just curious if the songs played at sound check so far have differed from the actual setlists.”

hush_1984 responded, “According to posts on this reddit. Denver night 1 – Second half of The Pot, and Fear Inoculum. Denver night 2 – Fear Inoculum. Looks to be quite the truncated sound check compared to past VIPs.

Also something i found to be strange, night one VIPS were told upon arrival that sound check had been cancelled and they would recieve $100 refund. But then they managed to fit it into the schedule and they got 1 1/2 songs.

Night 2 everything went smoothly, but for some reason they got less music in sound check? Very confused by this.”

A WWE wrestler recently took a hilarious shot at a Tool member. Fans also discussed posters at the Denver shows on Reddit. MobileVortex said, “Seems like all the posters sold out in less then 30 min from all the merch tables in Denver. Looks like only 500 posters per show, and people were waiting outside an hour before the doors. Also VIP people (maybe 100 people) get early access to merch before anyone else gets in the door. If you want a poster, you are going to be trapped lol.”

Jamba posted, “Sometimes they are late with the signed posters anyways. 2nd night in Denver there was a mess with people trying to get signed ones and they didn’t have them by the time there was a huge ass line. They started by splitting people up, but then they just merged the lines to get normal merch. Don’t remember even seeing the signed ones when I got to the front, although I saw a signed drumhead.

For posters you’d definitely want to get there before the doors open. Arriving an hour before should easily guarantee a normal one (and probably a signed one assuming they are already signed by then).” Tool’s producer recently revealed who Greta Van Fleet ripped off.