Tool Emotional ‘Goodbye’ Message To Fans Revealed


Tool saying ‘goodbye’ at their Salt Lake City show, without Maynard James Keenan, was revealed in a new video. wntrsux wrote, “Goodbyes! Incredible show!” Tool made a horrible cancelation announcement a couple of days ago.

DanQPublic posted, “What you’re looking at is 3 people that have been jamming together for the last 13 years and crafting a masterpiece. There’s a lot that goes into that. Tons of sweat equity. Maynard is not on that stage primarily because he’s Maynard and has no problem with not showing love to his fans. He wasn’t a part of the process for FI outside of contributing his vocals to the finished product and it seems to show more than ever.

I’m not trying to shit on this post. Believe me, I’ve been riding a high since Aftershock and I’m trying to go to Staples on Sunday or Monday. For what it’s worth I’ve been a massive fan since 92. But I just think it’s a straight up dick move to leave your band out there like that. It speaks volumes. That said, they’re absolutely crushing on this tour so far.”

A Tool member was allegedly ‘high’ at a recent concert. Ceedub260 said, “Maynard actually stayed on the stage quite a bit longer than usual last night. Well after the lights turned on. He waved at the crowd a little, then went and gave props to each band member individually. He didn’t stay all the way back in one corner out of the spot light the entire show either. It almost seemed like he was reenergized. It was much, much more than I was expecting from him.”

lol_and_behold wrote, “I think you kinda contradict your own point. Maynard had very little part of the 13 years of sweat, I see it as him letting them take their well earned share of credit, especially cause he’s so fucking worshipped and takes so much spotlight as the frontman he doesn’t really want to be. I take it as almost arrogant if he was to take a bow alongside them.

M’s contribution is invaluable in both lyrics and vocal, but the boys did all of the music on their own.”

A Tool member was recently threatened by an A-list star in a video. DanQPublic chimed in, “I get that completely. But I’m not buying the whole interpretation of him doing that for the sake of letting the other 3 get their credit. If that’s the case, there’s a better way to go about it. I don’t think it’s arrogant to stand by your band for a final bow. What’s it take? 45 seconds? He’s just Maynard. Plain and simple. I’m not all up in arms about it. It’s just my opinion. But I fully appreciate where you’re coming from and respect your words.”

Goodbyes! Incredible show! from r/ToolBand