Foo Fighters Booed After Terrible Dave Grohl Threat


Dave Grohl revealed how Foo Fighters were booed after a horrible threat from the promoter to end the show forced Grohl to mention the show had to be stopped, before the promoter changed their mind. Dave Grohl revealed a disgusting Kurt Cobain secret yesterday.

“I said ‘No fucking way!’ It was really our first show there and I didn’t want us to arrive and headline the fucking main stage. It made no sense to me. I said, ‘No, we’ll play this tent and if things get out of control then I’ll try to control it, I’m sure it will be fine’. As we were setting up the gear I looked out into the tent and fuck, it was packed. There were people climbing the rafters, scooting up those tent poles, there were thousands of people trying to get in from outside, and it was fucking chaos. We started playing and it was so hot in there.

I was watching the security guards passing out from the heat, so I’d look over to the promoter and he’d say, ‘We can’t do this. You’ve got to stop’. I’d tell the audience, ‘We can’t do this, we’ve got to stop’, then there was all this booing and it felt like there was going to be a riot, so then the promoter keeps going, ‘No! Fuck, keep playing! Keep playing!’” You can read the full interview at NME.

Foo Fighters fans on Reddit recently discussed highlights from their Reading and Leeds festival performances over the weekend. BattyCreasePatrice wrote, “I was wondering what everyone’s favorite moments from the festival sets were. Personally, I loved every second of it but some moments that really stand out are getting Rick Grohled, I really love the way they play wheels live, and the way they rolled my all-time favorite song hey, Johnny Park off the back of monkey wrench made me lose my mind since I really didn’t think they’d play it.”

Dave Grohl revealed a big name rejected joining Red Hot Chili Peppers last week. SH1T-FL1NG_GUNSL1NG8 also posted, “Loved it when the Foo’s ended on Everlong at Leeds and when Taylor done under pressure with a bloke dressed as Freddie Mercury. Also When Dave introduced each member and they had their little solo, Chris done crazy train and started shredding, Nate played rappers delight and Taylor fucking rocked them drums like always. Loved every minute of the show.”