Maynard James Keenan Unloads On New Tool Album Leak


Maynard James Keenan has offered his first reaction to the new Tool album Fear Inoculum leaking, as we reported yesterday the username of the man in Las Vegas who did it. In classic Maynard fashion, he trolled a fan. Keenan made the remarks from his Puscifer Twitter account.

The Sultan of Statistics tweeted Keenan, “not@being a tattle tale or anything but is it ‘legal’ for my local record store to be playing an ‘unreleased’ song from the new album? Just curious, because they definitely did it this morning.”

Keenan responded, “The unreleased @puscifer album? Or are you lost?”

Keenan also responded to a horrible Taylor Swift video where she fronts Tool. Fans on Reddit then discussed what could happen is the leaker is caught after someoneone proposed a flair being created in honor of him on the Tool Reddit. drs10909 posted, “He’s gonna have his own custom flair in federal prison if we don’t shut up about it.”

Achtung-Etc responded, “What is the actual worst that could happen to the guy? I’m not sure what kind of penalties are standard for this kind of thing in US law.”

drs10909 said, “In my very quick look I see 5 years and 250K as maximum penalties for ‘making unauthorized copies of copyrighted music.'”

Achtung-Etc then wrote, “Oh man that was not worth having the album five days early. I mean in fairness we’ve all probably broken that law in one way or another, but this being such a high profile leak in such conspicuous fashion is certainly concerning.”

Yak_Burton chimed in, “How about a petition that in the future Tool releases the digital version at the same time it’s leaked? Physical copies are on shelves or being shipped a week after that. It would do away with this nonsense and give the band some control back over the release of their music. It would also allow audiophiles access to the best possible digital quality when listening to the album for the very first time. And yes, Tool could predict when the album would be leaked. They could promote it and cash in on it as an early access thingamajig.” Maynard James Keenan revealed last week what he failed to do on the new Tool album.