Motley Crue Icon Drops A-List Rock Star Money Bombshell


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx criticized Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise, and another A-list film Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg, in a series of new social media posts.

A fan asked, “Anyone know why @MotleyCrue tunes don’t seem to appear in this film [Rock of Ages]… pretty sure they were the kings of the Strip 😅🤘 @NikkiSixx @MrTommyLand @thevinceneil @mrmickmars.”

Nikki Sixx responded, “Because we didn’t believe in the presentation. Total cheese. Like that movie RockStar.”

Another fan chimed in, “But Wildside was on the Rockstar soundtrack.”

Sixx responded, “Yup.💰”

Another fan asked, “Hi Nikki, will there be a Director’s Cut of The Dirt released on Netflix? I’ve noticed some things appear in the trailer for the film but not in the film itself.”

Sixx responded, “You saw the directors cut. The Dirt is raw. Not a Disney movie.”

Sixx also recently said, “I’d love to shoot the cover of one of the top fashion magazines.”

A fan responded, “I’d rather shoot for something like National Geographic’s myself.”

Sixx shot back, “That’s sounds like a great experience.”

Nikki Sixx recently posted on Instagram, “Digging in the past thanks to family members.This is my grandfather on my moms side.He robbed a drunk man for 170.00 in 1930 and was arrested and then sentenced to 2-14 years.So much more to the story and to my families past…Really enjoy finding the roots in this disconnected forest.”

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