System of a Down Play With Surprising Replacement Singer


System of a Down members recently played with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s replacement singer Rod Jackson, who fronted the Snakepit after Eric Dover. System of a Down revealed heartbreaking John Frusciante news last week.

Jackson told the Appetite for Distortion podcast, “The 15th of November I did a show with some of the guys from System of a Down, you can check it out online. I want to say my buddy Dean set the whole thing up, with some of the guys from System of a Down.”

He added, “My buddy Dean hooked us all up. I can’t think of his last name, he’s Armenian, not to be politically correct, but Dean sort of reached out to me, ‘Hey, it seems like things aren’t going good for you.’ We talked, he said, ‘I’ve got these guys, they would really like for you to get up and do some songs with them.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ Then I met the guys, and I was like, ‘Let’s do this.'”

System of a Down fans on Reddit recently discussed the band’s dysfunction and inability to release a new album in the last 14 years. Nathanjh9 posted, “According to Daron [Malakian], Serj [Tankian] is the reason System haven’t released music… yet when Serj finally agrees to release some form of music, Daron is quiet… (also on top of the fact Serj, Shavo [Odadjian] and John [Dolmayan] frequently interact on social media and seem to be together often all while Daron’s never seen). Serj also never wished Daron a happy birthday on Insta I noticed even though he wished Shavo and John one.”

PinkTownshend responded, “It’s clearly between Daron and Serj. Serj strongly insinuated that Daron micromanaged his songs and he didn’t like that. I think Daron wants Serj to just be ‘his’ keyboard player and Serj doesn’t want that.” ShadowXRage chimed in, “I have a feeling they have a personal issue between them. Its better that we convince them to resolve their issues first rather than forcing them to work together.” System of a Down revealed a sad Tool performance photo a few days ago.

Listen to “Rod Jackson talks Slash's Snakepit and New Music | Ep. 162” on Spreaker.