Maynard James Keenan Vulgarly Unloads On Tool Conspiracy Theory


A fan named William Hughes tweeted Keenan, “Flat Earth documentary has a Flat Earther listening to @Tool . Are you part of the conspiracy @mjkeenan.”

Keenan responded, “Fuck. No.”

A fan named Dastan recently tweeted Keenan, “So this one time, my wife and I quit our jobs and packed a tent in our car and traveled this beautiful country. We were gonna stop at the @caduceuscellars but instead our trip took us to the strip. At about 1am. I kid you not @mjkeenan came in and ate at a table near us.

I looked at my wife who had her back to him. I was like “dude, that’s Maynard….” We both respect him as an artist greatly. Honestly she turned me on to Tool. I was all Nirvana till then. Sometimes I wish I had said something, but fuck that. As a recluse, I get it.

I guess what I am getting at is, isn’t it funny we wanted to visit his winery, and had we, he would have been in Vegas. Yet we went to Vegas instead, saw him at the hard rock, at 1am. Life is so funny and grand.”

Keenan responded, “Havent set foot in the Hard Rock Vegas since 2002ish. #dreamcrusher #comeseeazwinecountry #itsbiggerthanarockdude.”

A fan named Joe B responded, “Definitely saw Tool in 2006 at the Hard Rock in Vegas.. Right when 10,000 days came out… so kinda 2002-ish #justthefactsmaam 😀.”

Keenan responded, “Bus —> Stage —> Bus.”