Motley Crue Icon Has Bold Idea For 2021 Reunion


Motley Crue recently reunited to record new material for the soundtrack to their biopic, and Nikki Sixx hinted in a new tweet that the band could reunite again in 2021 in the studio for their 40th anniversary.

“I’ve always wanted to re-record our first song ‘Stick To Your Guns’ with @MotleyCrue. Always loved the music and the message. Maybe the guys would be up for it for our 40th anniversary?
‘Stick to your guns, what’s right for you ain’t right for everyone.'”

He later tweeted, “Click baiting is a real thing.”

Motley Crue discussed writing new material in a new Rolling Stone article.

Nikki Sixx wrote “a bunch of songs” called “The Dirt,” though only the new single, with Machine Gun Kelly, got that title. “I figured we would finish one and call it ‘The Dirt,’” Sixx says. “And everyone was like, ‘I like that song, that song and that song.’ So we zeroed in on the song we wanted, which is ‘The Dirt,’ and the label said, ‘Just go rewrite the choruses on the other songs,’ but I never did. I just changed the name of the song. I told Tommy the other day that they were all titled ‘The Dirt,’ and he goes, ‘You’re such a shit.’”

“It was weird,” Lee says. “We were all getting confused, like, ‘Which “Dirt” is this? Is it “The Dirt One,” “The Dirt Two”?’ We had to come up with some new titles.”