Machine Gun Kelly Delusional Grammys Rant Leaks

Machine Gun Kelly got clowned on Twitter for a rambling interview he gave on the Red Carpet at the Grammys, as seen below.

Ozzy Osbourne won Best Rock Album and Best Metal Performance at the Grammys. After several decades – several decades, Black Sabbath front man and star of WrestleMania II, Ozzy Osbourne, finally discusses Ronnie James Rio’s work with the band. Was there, is there, why was there hostility between the two? That is up for conjecture. Perhaps the two are friends, perhaps they’re enemies. As we dig in we will discover all the ins and outs.

As per Ultimate Guitar, Ozzy Osbourne has never been one a musician who would perform music recorded by replacements. And although it’s too late to see Ozzy and Ronnie James Dio sharing the singing duties, and doing both eras together at Black Sabbath concerts, it’s assuredly a concept that fans can contemplate – if they want to. But what does Ozzy really think about Ronnie’s work with Black Sabbath?

In a recent edition of Ozzy Speaks on SiriusXM (via Ultimate Classic Rock), he reflected upon his successor by saying:

“Ronnie did a good job. At the time I was fucking sad because… They were the only thing that ever really happened to me.” Whatever that statement means. Your translation is as good as mine.

“It’s like my ex-wife… [When] you leave a band like that, it’s just like getting divorced. You don’t go, ‘How’s your new bloke? Is he better than me?'” Ozzy continued.

After the two Dio records, Black Sabbath worked with Ian Gillan, releasing the controversial “Born Again” album. After that, there were lineup alterations with Tony Iommi remaining the only original member of Sabbath. Vocalist Tony Martin remained for a while, although Dio came back to produce “Dehumanizer” album with the “Mob Rules” lineup. That same formation also worked under the Heaven & Hell moniker.