Melvins Reveal Who Really ‘Ruined’ Nirvana


Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne discussed Kurt Cobain’s death ‘ruining’ Nirvana in a new The Pit interview.

“Oh, yeah, that was quite a while ago when that happened, years ago. It wasn’t right after he died because that town is slow-moving when it comes to things of that nature. But even they couldn’t deny somebody selling 100,000,000 records from that town, they couldn’t deny that, as much as they probably wanted to.

And when that happened, I think they expected me to be all-loving and happy about the whole thing, but I had a very unhappy experience living and growing up there, and I feel like my life really started after I left it. I don’t have good things to say or good memories. I’m not really a good-old-days person anyway. I tend to look back at all of that stuff, especially the Nirvana stuff – it’s ruined by how all that ended. Honestly, I would rather have him be alive and unfamous than famous and dead.”

He later said, “Lots of it has been written about. Surely about the Nirvana camp. Most of the time, they don’t like what I say about it because I’m not about the bright and breezy end of it. I don’t see it that way. I’m not happy about how it all ended and how it all worked out, it’s ruined the whole thing. It made it difficult for me to look back on it and think it’s great.

We were friends before all of that happened, when we were all penniless and with no hope. I tend to have a better view of those memories than anything that happened when most of us got big and famous.”