Pearl Jam React To Andrew Wood Tribute Album Rumor


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard was asked about putting out a new Mother Love Bone compilation in honor of Andrew Wood in a new Audio Ink Radio interview.

The interviewer asked, “Have you thought about putting out some Mother Love Bone material on Loosegroove that maybe hasn’t been released yet or B-sides?”

Gossard responded, “I don’t know that there’s any Mother Love Bone B-sides that haven’t sort of been released at this point. I think that the Mother Love Bone box set that the came out on Polygram probably had most of the rarities that were sort of around. But, I think looking forward and looking back are two things that I like to do. And, as an old guy, I’ve got a lot of connections and a lot of friends that have projects that I have some history with.

So, I think I’m sort of doing archival stuff and doing stuff that like The Living where it’s like, “Oh my God.” If there was another kind of opportunity for records that were like The Living in terms of, wow, this is something really important. Loosegroove will put out some Brad music. We have some Brad music that will ultimately come out and some Shawn Smith music, as well. So, that will be sort of archival to a certain extent. That’ll be part of our style, for sure.”